In a future society very similar to ours, some small things have changed. The way we relate to each other, the way we manage our emotions and also new jobs that didn't exist before. Eva, the cigarette girl, meets Leo in a bar. They spend the night together and he gets hooked. But Eva leaves, disappears just as she arrived: without a trace. She only leaves him a souvenir: her pack of cigarettes. Evidently, things are not what they seem at first glance.

- Director: David Cortázar, Alejandro Arestegui
-Script: Roberto Santiago
-Cast: Maggie Civantos, Jorge Monje, Mélida Molina, Leander Vyvey
-Photography: Norberto Gutiérrez
-Music: Javier de la Morena
-Production company: Infilmity, Push and Live

Cigarette girl