For the fifth consecutive year PlayMedusa collaborates with the Festival de Cine Fantástico de Canarias Isla Calavera Ciudad de La Laguna creating a videogame for the event. On this occasion, and on the occasion of King Kong Day which closes the festival, PlayMedusa takes as a reference the final scene of the film in which Kong is shot down by the biplanes of the American army.


It hurt us all to see Kong die - not once, but at least three times: in 1933 (in Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack's film), then in 1976(John Guillermin) and finally in 2005(Peter Jackson). But this time it's different: this time we can help Kong.

In the video game we control little Miss Wray' s toy biplane (a nod to the actress from the first movie, Fay Wray). Using toy weaponry - a boxing fist, dynamite hanging from a balloon, a Tesla tower and a Wile E. Coyote-approved anvil - we attract the attention of the biplanes attacking Kong, who, fed up with being shot at in New York, has come to Tenerife to climb the Torre de la Concepción in La Laguna.
The game features footage from the original movie and can be completed in about ten minutes, ideal for a short game while waiting to enter the movie theater.
You can play for free here